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reforming the way tenant and landlords communicate

At isbc group we work with councils , landlords,and tenants as an mediation company that is natraul mediation company.

Housing Rights is piloting UK, USA, CANANDA, AUSTRALIA first housing mediation service for the private rented sector. The service is funded by the Department for Communities and will provide an alternative way to resolve disputes in the sector.

The Housing Mediation Service is free and is open to:

  • Tenants

  • Registered Landlords

  • Letting agents

  • Housing associations operating in the sector

The service can help with many kinds of disputes including:

  • Property standards

  • Repairs

  • Entry rights

  • Rent/rates arrears

  • Unprotected tenancy deposits,

  • Threatened evictions

  • Breach of tenancy terms

  • Noise/Anti-social behaviour

When both parties in the dispute have agreed to take part in mediation an independent mediator with specialist housing knowledge helps the parties talk about their dispute and come to a solution that works for everyone.

Accessing the service

Contact the service by email at by send the details below

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The mediation service cannot help with all housing queries. Housing Rights can give advice to tenants, landlords and agents. Let us know if you are happy for us to share your details with our advice team if the mediation team cannot help.

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